Should I plant another tree in my Garden

Should I plant another tree in my Garden

This is a common question that usually posed to our team from customers. It can be tough to decide whether to add another sapling to your collection, as there is a range of factors to consider.

If you are considering the addition of one or more trees in your garden, then it is likely because you want to find a home for your favourite specimens. That said, it is important to think about some key factors.

This includes the size that your planted tree will then grow to, but equally the speed at which it will reach for the sky. Other considerations include how it could affect nearby properties, but also the plants that currently thrive in your garden.

Some trees grow in an different way which causes distress to itself and the other plants around it.Even to well-established bushes, shrubs and plants that may soon have to live in the shade. Another consideration is how the root system will develop and the effects this will have on the rest of your garden.

If you are thinking of adding one or more trees to your property, whether as saplings or more established plants, then why not give us a call on 01732 451 351 and speak to one of our experienced Leaf Matters Tree Surgery team.

Not only can we supply answers about possible areas of concern, but we are also happy to talk about how regular maintenance can allow both the trees and the other elements of your garden, to thrive together.

What can I do for my dying tree?

You may have looked at your tree and wondered if everything was healthy. Perhaps it’s not looking quite as it was, you can see bark coming away from the trunk of the tree, or you can see other signs that it’s not as full of vitality as it was last year. Any of these can indicate that your tree is either very unwell, or dying.

Trees do actually have a lifespan, much like any plant. Some trees are meant to be with us for decades, while some will survive for centuries. Ornamentals will live no more than 20 years, pines and oaks for a few centuries, and sequoias and firs can actually keep going for a couple of millennia, so it really does depend on the type of tree. Much like humans, if your tree is suffering from old age, there’s not a lot you can do.

Your tree may also be unwell. Trees can be attacked by illnesses as a result of bacteria, fungi, or parasitic invaders. A disease or insect which affects one type of tree may have no impact on another species. However, in many cases, diseases and invaders are curable if treated by an arborist in time. It may cost money, but if you think about the time and money it will cost to replace a magnificent, mature tree, it’s a small price to pay for its life.

Why getting a tree surgeon is better than any DIY attempt

It may seem tempting to climb a ladder and tackle an overgrown tree yourself, but there are many reasons that calling out a surgeon makes much more sense.


The biggest factor is safety. If you’re not experienced at cutting down trees, especially if a ladder is required, you risk your health and safety. As well as taking a tumble, you risk getting hit by falling branches. A surgeon has the equipment and expertise to know how to chop a tree down safely, no matter how tall it is.

Whether you need to prune or a drastic chop that includes stump removal, there’s more to Tree Surgery than hacking away at branches. A qualified Tree Arborist will use various techniques and methods to safely cut the tree to the desired height and shape, whilst cutting at the right points or angles, to prevent any damage or viruses from entering the wounds. This is particularly important when only a trim is needed, to ensure they remain in a healthy condition.

Crucially, if you decide to cut a tree down yourself, you have the inconvenience of disposing of the branches. A Tree Surgeon will do this for you.

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