Making hedges look good

Making hedges look good

Hedge Trimming

With the autumn quickly coming up on us it’s time to think about getting the hedges trimmed. Hedge Trimming is usually a big part of this upcoming season and it keeps us busy. It’s always good to get hedges managed to make them look good, it gives a better look to the whole garden.

All of our tree surgeons are experienced with the best Hedge Trimming Tools necessary for this type of job, they know the right way on How To Trim A Hedge. Powered hedge trimmers are heavy tools which get a really good finish on your hedge which puts a really positive effect on your garden as a whole.

Call in the professionals

We know that trimming can go wrong if done by someone who has none, or little, knowledge on what to do. It involves a lot of heavy and dangerous equipment and should be taken care of by a professional who has had years of experience.

If you require our services please don’t hesitate to get in touch via the contact page on our site.


Three rules for a healthy hedge

Hedges are common features in many gardens and can either serve as a dividing line between gardens or be purely ornamental. Hedges provide shade, privacy and can be an important wildlife habitat, but an untrimmed and uncared-for hedge can soon get out of control and ruin the look of any garden.

Know your hedge

Different hedges have different Hedge Trimming needs, so some quick research might help you on your way. Don’t trim old hedges too fiercely, or too much in one go, as the shock alone can kill them off. Fast growing hedges, such as conifers, can grow very quickly so need trimming three times a year for example, whereas a slower-growing evergreen hedge would be fine with one annual trim. If you are unsure on How To Trim A Hedge properly get in touch with us at Leaf Matters.

Seasonal variation

Most hedges need trimming in spring or summer, ideally, but some can be trimmed all year round. Remembering to water them during exceptionally dry or hot periods is also a good idea.

Don’t be afraid to call in the experts!

Tackling a difficult job without professional expertise or the right equipment can lead to expensive mistakes or even injury, so be careful and don’t take on more than you can handle. If you’re tackling a monster hedge & don’t have the right tools or knowledge for the job or simply want so sit back and relax while you let a professional do the Hedge Cutting, we offer expert advice from Leaf Matters is only a phone call away!

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