Make your hedge a haven for wildlife

Make your hedge a haven for wildlife

Hedgerows were once a common feature throughout Britain, but according to the RSPB, we’ve lost over 50% of them, which is why planting one in your garden is a great idea – especially if you want to provide a haven for wildlife. If you already have one, you can add some other species to make it more attractive and appealing to birds, insects and small mammals.

Species to consider planting include wild honeysuckle, clematis, and ivy, while hedge-bottom plants like woundwort, dog’s violet, dead nettles, and garlic mustard will add to the diversity of food and shelter for wildlife. Garden hedges that thrive in the UK include our native trees, so the likes of beech, hawthorn, holly, hazel, and buckthorn are good choices.

Once established, the hedge will become popular with nesting birds as well as other Garden Wildlife. Generally speaking, hedges are low maintenance. Make sure you feed it once a year with mulch and water in long hot spells. Hedge Trimming or cutting should be done once a year. You can manage this yourself with a good pair of shears or a hedge trimmer, but for the best result, we’d always recommend getting a professional in to do the job.

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