The Importance of bees

The Importance of bees

Instead of being a nuisance it is imperative we remember the importance of bees. In the UK about 70 crops are dependent on (or benefit from) visits from bees. In addition, Pollinating Insects pollinate the flowers of many plants which become part of the feed of farm animals. Bees are in danger of disappearing from our environment. Farming practices continue to disturb the natural habitats and forage of solitary and bumblebees at a rate which gives them little chance for re-establishment.

In summer, during Pollen Season, all species of bees are building up their strength with nectar and pollen. Bumblebee males and queens are starting to appear, and Bee Colonies may produce a swarm of workers, drones and a new queen to found a new colony.

What can you do?

You can make your garden more friendly by providing suitable food and shelter at the right times for many different native species.

Allow areas of grass to grow wildflowers, such as daisies and dandelions, as an easy source of nectar throughout the summer. If you want to make sure bees have a constant supply plant some evening primrose, lavender, poppies, thyme and verbena.

Leave areas of uncultivated soil and small piles of woody prunings in borders and at hedge bases, where solitary bees and bumblebees can make colonies. Place a few stones at the edge of ponds or in bird baths. Bees that are foraging for water to cool their nests will be able to enter and exit safely.

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