What is the importance of trees?

What is the importance of trees?

Of course many people will know a few Facts About Trees such as that they produce oxygen from when they use energy from sunlight however, what else do trees do? Throughout this blog we’re going to go through some Information About Trees and what the importance of trees is in our day to day lives, that many people may not be aware of.

Air pollution

Trees absorb carbon dioxide which is a part of photosynthesis. This also reduced the greenhouse gases which cause global warming.

They’re also helpful in removing harmful particulates which are things like dust, diesel gases etc. These can cause asthma and other breathing problems. Sycamore and lime trees are particularly good at this because of the Honey Dew and the hairs left on them.


In the winter, many trees keep us just that little bit warmer as the wind chill is reduced. They obstruct the wind and slow the air.

Plus, in the summer many people use trees as shade to keep out of the sun.

Some of these points may seem obvious to some of you however, a lot of people don’t consider what trees do for them.

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