Making hedges look good

Making hedges look good

Hedge Trimming

With the autumn quickly coming up on us it’s time to think about getting the hedges trimmed. Hedge Trimming is usually a big part of this upcoming season and it keeps us busy. It’s always good to get hedges managed to make them look good, it gives a better look to the whole garden.

All of our tree surgeons are experienced with the best Hedge Trimming Tools necessary for this type of job, they know the right way on How To Trim A Hedge. Powered hedge trimmers are heavy tools which get a really good finish on your hedge which puts a really positive effect on your garden as a whole.

Call in the professionals

We know that trimming can go wrong if done by someone who has none, or little, knowledge on what to do. It involves a lot of heavy and dangerous equipment and should be taken care of by a professional who has had years of experience.

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The Importance of bees

Instead of being a nuisance it is imperative we remember the importance of bees. In the UK about 70 crops are dependent on (or benefit from) visits from bees. In addition, Pollinating Insects pollinate the flowers of many plants which become part of the feed of farm animals. Bees are in danger of disappearing from our environment. Farming practices continue to disturb the natural habitats and forage of solitary and bumblebees at a rate which gives them little chance for re-establishment.

In summer, during Pollen Season, all species of bees are building up their strength with nectar and pollen. Bumblebee males and queens are starting to appear, and Bee Colonies may produce a swarm of workers, drones and a new queen to found a new colony.

What can you do?

You can make your garden more friendly by providing suitable food and shelter at the right times for many different native species.

Allow areas of grass to grow wildflowers, such as daisies and dandelions, as an easy source of nectar throughout the summer. If you want to make sure bees have a constant supply plant some evening primrose, lavender, poppies, thyme and verbena.

Leave areas of uncultivated soil and small piles of woody prunings in borders and at hedge bases, where solitary bees and bumblebees can make colonies. Place a few stones at the edge of ponds or in bird baths. Bees that are foraging for water to cool their nests will be able to enter and exit safely.

What is the importance of trees?

Of course many people will know a few Facts About Trees such as that they produce oxygen from when they use energy from sunlight however, what else do trees do? Throughout this blog we’re going to go through some Information About Trees and what the importance of trees is in our day to day lives, that many people may not be aware of.

Air pollution

Trees absorb carbon dioxide which is a part of photosynthesis. This also reduced the greenhouse gases which cause global warming.

They’re also helpful in removing harmful particulates which are things like dust, diesel gases etc. These can cause asthma and other breathing problems. Sycamore and lime trees are particularly good at this because of the Honey Dew and the hairs left on them.


In the winter, many trees keep us just that little bit warmer as the wind chill is reduced. They obstruct the wind and slow the air.

Plus, in the summer many people use trees as shade to keep out of the sun.

Some of these points may seem obvious to some of you however, a lot of people don’t consider what trees do for them.

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What to do in the garden in August

General tasks and General Garden Maintenance

The most important thing this month is to enjoy your garden; heady scents, glorious colours, an abundance of fruits and vegetables and hopefully more sunshine. What could be more enjoyable and satisfying than surveying the results of your hard work throughout the year? Throughout this blog we’re going to go through some Gardening Tips and Tricks for August.


Remember to water and feed your plants regularly, especially those in hanging baskets, pots or containers as well as climbers and roses growing against a sunny wall. Many a plant will not recover from a drought, so water regularly and do not resort to feast and famine.

Water hydrangeas with hydrangea colourant for true blue hydrangeas next year.

If possible, set up an automatic Watering Plants system for your vegetable plot, borders and even containers. They are worth their weight in gold and can work on a sensor system that detects how dry the soil is. Once you have one you will wonder why you did not install one years ago. Going on holiday will no longer involve wondering if your precious plants will survive a dry spell or paying someone else to hold a hose!

If it stays warm and dry, water saving strategies include using bathwater and washing up water, provided they are neither too dirty or oily.
Keep your pond topped up, free of pond weed and clean – green algae can be toxic to pets.


Boring but vital. Keep on top of weeds in borders, the vegetable garden and all your pots and containers. Little and often will reduce what will become a Herculean task if left to spiral out of control.

Weeds not only look messy but use valuable moisture in the ground. The best and easiest way to weed is to use a Dutch hoe which will cut the weeds just below the surface. Weeding on a sunny day will ensure weeds left on the surface dry out and die in the warmth.

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