What you can do for your garden when March arrives

What you can do for your garden when March arrives

March is just around the corner and there will still be jobs to do in the garden, if it’s pruning, cleaning etc. So here at Leaf Matters, we’ve assembled a few ideas for you do to in the garden in March.

Complete the process of Pruning the Shrubs developed for their brilliant winter stems, for example, Cornus and Salix cultivars.

If you have any deciduous trees or bushes you will need to move them now. Right now is an ideal opportunity to do it given that the dirt has not frozen or waterlogged.

Plant summer-blossoming bulbs, for example, you can plant Gladiolus and Lilies into beds and containers. Another thing to keep in mind is to plant bare root roses for your garden.

A good thing to do now for when winter comes round again is to plant snowdrops in the green so that they will give more character to your winter garden at the end of the year.

These are just a few things you can do to help your garden in March to make it the best possible garden you can have.

Your garden and your health

Numerous studies now believe that there is a link between your trees and plants condition and your mental health. There is continuing evidence that you can get Health Benefits from your Garden being kept it in good shape.

Universities have researched this and found that by keeping your trees and plants properly trimmed & healthy has helped in the fight to reduce depression, stress and anxiety, as well as being outside being good for your Physical Health. Gardening is also considered high intensity exercise. It is recommended you spend up to 45 minutes gardening a few times a week as part of a good strategy. A good way to encourage you to go into your garden is by purchasing Garden Supplies to make your garden look the best it can be.

Some people claim that the garden helped them recover from various illnesses and that it is a way to ‘heal communities.’ One woman from the royal horticultural society believes that Gardening is about happiness and even though sometimes it gets tough in the end ‘it’s just a joy.’

Here at Leaf Matters Professional Tree Surgery we take pride on providing the best possible approach to tree care.

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Pruning and Tidying

Take a look outside. If you’ve had any recent snow, then it may have left everything looking a bit mucky and dishevelled. So, if it’s not too cold, go outside and have a good tidy up.
Deadhead winter bedding to prolong flowering.

Cut down old top-growth on your perennials and clear away any leaves that are resting on top of plants. Add these to your compost. Clear away dead growth from your old annual climbers, but leave their roots in the ground.
Prune your shrubs and trees. Call Leaf Matters for advice on this.
Keep on top of winter-germinating weeds. Early weeds such as will germinate and grow fast in mild spells over the next few weeks. Tackle these as they appear with a hoe or rake.
Cut back the old foliage from ornamental grasses before growth starts.
Prune wisteria. Once wisteria become established, they can romp away if not kept in check. Prune in two stages – at this time of year, shoots are shortened to two or three buds along the lateral stems. In summer the long whippy growth is shortened. This way, you’ll contain the plant and get fantastic flowering.
Prune roses while they are dormant. Cut back to just above an outward facing bud and remove any crossing or dead/diseased branches.

Spread a layer of compost around shrubs and along the base of hedges.
Be ready to knock snow from any plants bending under the weight, as it may snap or damage fragile branches.
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