Leylandii Law

Leylandii Law

In most cases, you do not need permission to plant a hedge on your property but you are responsible for looking after the hedge.
Maintaining your Leylandii hedge right from the start is very important as if it is affecting someones reasonable enjoyment of their property a council can take action under the Anti-Social Behaviour Act (2003).
If part of the Leylandii hedge grows over the boundary (foliage or roots), owners of the neighbouring property have the right to cut it back to the boundary. If you have a hedge and part of it breaks or falls, or if it damages your neighbour’s property, you could be liable for any costs for compensation or repairs. This includes pushing over fences. If a hedge is dangerous or obstructs a public path or pavement, your local council can take action to force you to trim it back.
The Anti-Social Behaviour Act (2003) only applies to:
hedges of two or more evergreen or mostly evergreen trees, not to individual trees
hedges over two metres tall
hedges affecting domestic property
Maintaning your Leylandii will benefit the hedge itself and also prevent disputes with neighbours. Make sure you plant where it will not impact on your neighbours view or block out sunlight.
Trim your Leylandii once or twice a year. Not only will this keep it from obstructing views it will also make your hedge grow thicker and denser. Keeping it under 2 metres will mean it is easier to trim and maintain.
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Why getting a tree surgeon is better than any DIY attempt

It may seem tempting to climb a ladder and tackle an overgrown tree yourself, but there are many reasons that calling out a surgeon makes much more sense.


The biggest factor is safety. If you’re not experienced at cutting down trees, especially if a ladder is required, you risk your health and safety. As well as taking a tumble, you risk getting hit by falling branches. A surgeon has the equipment and expertise to know how to chop a tree down safely, no matter how tall it is.

Whether you need to prune or a drastic chop that includes stump removal, there’s more to Tree Surgery than hacking away at branches. A qualified Tree Arborist will use various techniques and methods to safely cut the tree to the desired height and shape, whilst cutting at the right points or angles, to prevent any damage or viruses from entering the wounds. This is particularly important when only a trim is needed, to ensure they remain in a healthy condition.

Crucially, if you decide to cut a tree down yourself, you have the inconvenience of disposing of the branches. A Tree Surgeon will do this for you.

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