Spring cleaning in the home? A bit like autumn stump grinding in the garden!

Spring cleaning in the home? A bit like autumn stump grinding in the garden!

If your home is subject to the controlled fury of a spring clean each year, you’ll know that it not only helps to tidy all areas, but also looks to provide more space, change the decor, rearrange furnishings and the like.

Whether you live in Sidcup or Purley, and right down through Kent to places such as Gravesend or Maidstone, our professional tree surgeons here at Leaf Matters can do much of the same for your garden with our tree stump removal service.

This is a great time to say goodbye to that withered stump that has brooded for too long. Apart from the damage that roots can cause across your property, removing the whole thing brings added space ready for new planting in the spring (someone else can do the indoors cleaning next year).

By the way, as well as removing the offending article, we are also adept at stump grinding. This might sound like a dance for a Halloween party, but it actually produces another benefit. The mulch that your stump provides after the grinding process is complete, could add a nice layer of winter protection for your more precious of plants.

So, let there be space! To clear that offending stump now, give us a call on 01732 451 351.

Let more light into your home and garden

Trees that have been allowed to grow too tall can soon impact on light levels in your garden and home. Particularly during winter, when light levels are reduced and the sun is lower in the sky, evergreen trees can stop much-needed light from entering your home, creating a gloomy interior. Lack of natural sunlight flooding into your home can also make your interior rooms colder, and you may have to put on the heating more frequently, impacting on your energy bills. If you are trying to sell your home, lofty trees that block light getting into your home may even put potential buyers off.

It’s not just the inside of your home that can be negatively affected by the lack of light caused by tall trees. Your garden will be cast in shade, meaning that it may suffer more from damp and poor drainage. You may be limited by the types of plants or flowers that will thrive in your garden, and there may be fewer spots to enjoy sunbathing on a warm day.

Getting a tree surgeon to reduce the height of any billowing trees you have can allow light to shine back into your home and garden again.

Autumn: the perfect time to give your trees a healthcheck

Now that autumn is here in all its copper-coloured glory, it’s the ideal time to give your trees a health check before the winter. You may have noticed some discolouration on leaves or have a wayward branch that requires pruning before the November winds arrive. After the leaves have fallen is also a time when many cracks and splits in tree trunks may become apparent. Cracks and splits can, of course, allow fungus to enter the tree, so if you notice any, it’s best to get them checked out by a professional.

Leaf Matters’ tree surgeons in Sevenoaks have a wealth of experience and can be on hand to give you expert diagnosis and then treatment if you’ve noticed any of these problems on your tree. If your tree requires removal, due to disease or because it is encroaching on your property, Leaf Matters can also advise you of a perfect replacement. Autumn is also a great time of year to plant a young sapling.

An overgrown or overly large tree can present extra problems in the autumn, as storms and snow can make them unstable. Leaf Matters can professionally and efficiently prune or carry out more major tree surgery for you to avoid any risk of falling branches damaging your property. Serving Sevenoaks and the surrounding areas, Leaf Matters’ work is always carried out to the very highest safety standards and we are proud of our expertise.

For all of your autumn tree surgery needs, give Leaf Matters a call!

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